Temulent vs. SIGNALFISTA Ghidorah EP


Temulent vs. SIGNALFISTA Ghidorah EP

Almost ten years since “Six Sensational Soft Rock Songs For Lovers”, we had to bring Obliterati back. More than just our red-headed stepchild, it’s the kid we always believe first.

Ohm O.G. Temulent and Houston, TX’s SIGNALFISTA face off in a cage match royale with “Ghidorah”, four brutal and stark slabs of breakneck drum and bass that are definitely for the headstrong. From the opening melee of “Opiologue” through the Manson-sample-heavy “Deadhead”, Ghidorah puts its boot on your face and doesn’t let up.

Temulent and SIGNALFISTA started making some noise already with their collaboration, “Blood of Innocents” being featured on Abducted LTD’s “Next Gen Vol 2” earlier in 2016. And not to take anything away from that track, but it was just a warm-up for these two producers to feed off each others particular kinks and hijinks in the studio.

Make no mistake, Obliterati is back and here to finish you off this time. We’ve got releases slated from Submerged, R8 of Change, Medium, Temulent and Todd Buchler in the wings, so buckle up, buttercup.