Artist Bio Submerged


Artist Bio Submerged

One of American Drum and Bass music’s most prolific and punishing artists of the past two decades, Kurt Gluck has burned a smoldering trail as one of the genre’s truly inventive and genre-defying producers.

Part of the East Coast experimental music scene in the mid-90’s, Kurt teamed up with Mark Filip to create the original “Rise | Converge” compilation that would serve as the blueprint for Ohm Resistance’s fearless approach to electronic music that shattered conventions.

As Ohm Resistance’s notoriety began to grow both in the US and abroad, so did the demand for Submerged as a producer and a DJ. In 2002, he relocated operations to Brooklyn and launching collaborations as both an artist and label-owner with a diverse roster of musicians.

By 2016, Kurt has done and seen more than most producers or label owners ever will – for better and for worse, with performances from Canada to Kazakhstan to Brazil, Russia, and beyond, and a discography spanning over 50 releases.

With a refreshed cadre of artists and music in his grip to push Ohm Resistance forward, the world is always excited to see what happens next.