Artist Bio Temulent


Artist Bio Temulent

“Ohmygodddd this sounds like I’m in HELL!” – Some raver chick. Some DNB thing. 2001.

One of the original architects of the Ohm Resistance sound, Temulent has returned to leave another bruise on Drum and Bass. As twisted, dark and bleak as they roll, Judson Snell has spent twenty years pushing down every sonic boundary in his path to create his trademark assault of breaks and bass.

As far back as our 2nd release (“Drugged” b/w “Monoplegia”), Temulent has managed to be simultaneously adventurous and consistent in his approach: Cold, foreboding atmospheres. Angular, rigid breakbeats. Stabbing, clustered basses and synths. All rolled together with a “no rules” approach to engineering.

After a near-decade of landmark releases on both Ohm and the Obliterati offshoot label that he co-created, Temulent virtually disappeared in 2008. Now almost another decade later, Judson has returned with a string of releases, including the third installment to his “Progressive Illness” series with the “Progressive Illness Vol III” LP.

With a whole arsenal of sonic bludgeoning ready to fire in the coming year, Temulent’s return to the studio is yet another massive addition to the Ohm Resistance cabal. Expect nothing less than his bloodless salvos of audio cruelty.